Show Location

Metro Toronto Convention Centre  
North Building
255 Front St W 
Toronto, ON  
M5V 2W6

Dates & Times

Fri Nov 11th 2016
10am - 6pm

Sat Nov 12th 2016
10am - 6pm

Sun Nov 13th 2016
10am - 6pm

Fall Admission


Grandparents: $10.00

Children 12 and under are FREE!


  • What can I do about my sore back?
  • What do I need to do to prepare for the birth?
  • What do I need to know about feeding my baby?
  • How can I prepare for the first few weeks after I bring my baby home?

Do you have similar questions about your pregnancy, birth or new baby?  We can help!

Be sure to stop by the ‘Ask the Pregnancy and Birth Expert Booth’ where our team from Helping Hands Doula can answer ALL your questions and give you information on how to reduce anxiety and have a positive birth experience.  We can also help with adjusting to your new role as parents.  

Having a baby was meant to be done in a community, not alone.  We can help you find that community of support.  

Find them in booth #541


Helping Hands - Daily Seminar Schedule

Time Topic


Top 3 mistakes most parents make when it comes to their baby’s sleep



3 little known facts that can change your birth experience for the better


The shocking truth about the first 3-5 days after birth



  • Do you want to find out why your baby didn't sleep last night
  • Do you want to know why your child woke up BEFORE the sun?  
  • Do you want to know how to put your baby to sleep without feeding? 

What is Gentle Sleep Coaching? Today’s families have been overwhelmed with conflicting advice on how to get the sleep they and their child so desperately need. Let our Certified Gentle Sleep Coach guide you through this maze of information and provide you with a solution that works!
Helping Hands will support, educate and empower your family while gently guiding your child with a compassionate approach, teaching great sleep skills that will last a lifetime.
We will never ask you to leave your child to cry alone!         
Your child will learn to:
• Go to bed at an age appropriate time.
• Happily and independently fall asleep.
• Sleep through the night
• Wake up AFTER the sun rises!
• Take long, restorative naps

Your journey to happy, healthy sleep starts here.

Spring Show

6900 AIrport Road 
Mississauga, ON  
L4V 1E8