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Child Passenger Safety:

RED Light – GREEN Light

This presentation will be an interactive session educating caregivers about car seat basics including installation of car seat in the vehicle and properly securing the child in the car seat.

Barbara Baines BRITAX Child Passenger Safety Advocate

Barbara Baines, long-time investigator and child restraint expert for Transport Canada, is partnering with the company as a child passenger safety advocate in Canada.

“She is a leading expert in child safety restraints in Canada. Her knowledge will help us continue to educate parents on the importance of car seat safety.”

During her 27-year career with Transport Canada, Baines led investigations into vehicle crashes across Canada, inspecting and evaluating children’s restraint systems, air bags and seat belt assemblies to identify and determine safety defects. She oversaw Transport Canada’s testing of seat belt assemblies, children’s restraint systems and children’s booster seats. Baines has conducted training courses for car seat technicians and car seat instructors across Canada, training nearly 3,000 individuals in child safety.

Sarah Tilton is the Child Passenger Safety Advocate for BRITAX Child Safety, Inc. As an active CPS Technician (2002 and Instructor (2004), Sarah is the spokesperson for BRITAX within the advocacy community participating in child passenger safety activities at a local, state and national level. Sarah serves on the new product development, technical writing and marketing teams at BRITAX.  In addition, she managed and developed the training curriculum for the BRITAX Consumer Services department and organized and implemented a permanent checking station at BRITAX during 11+ years with the company.  Sarah is currently active with the Safe Kids South Carolina, Safe Kids York County (SC), Safe Kids North Carolina, and Charlotte Mecklenburg (NC) coalitions. She is also a member of the NC Child Passenger Safety Training Committee and the National Child Passenger Safety Board representing the At Large population and the Vice-Chair of the Manufacturers Alliance for Child Passenger Safety.

Salsa Babies Inc.

Salsa Babies – Latin Beat for Tiny Feet!

New moms dance back into shape with the best little partner – your baby! Join us to learn basic steps to popular Latin dances. Be sure to bring your baby carrier. Salsa Tots – Latin Groove for Kids on the Move! Salsa beat for little ones ready to dance on their own two feet. Come and shake a maraca while we sing, dance and smile – fiesta-style!




Andrea Page

With 13 years experience, Andrea has been recognized as pioneer on pre- and post-natal within the fitness industry. She originally founded FITMOM in 2000, and now offers  “Andrea Page’s Original FITMOM programs” in eight different cities across North America and trains other fitness experts to work effectively with this population. A certified personal trainer, sport strength specialist, and childbirth-trained educator, and producer of the FITMOM DVD series. Andrea has shared her insights in books and on radio and television. She's also worked closely with the Society of Obstetricians of Canada on their guide “Healthy Beginnings” and has worked with over 100,000 new and expecting moms in the last 15 years including tv personalities, Olympic athletes and everyday moms during this crucial wellness time in a women’s life

Ramona Braganza

romonaphotoRamona is a celebrity fitness trainer who is well known for training the likes of Jessica Alba, Halle Berry and Ryan Reynolds. However, they’re not her only clients and she has transformed the lives of thousands across the globe with her 3-2-1 fitness method, which consists of cardio segments, 2 circuit strength segments and 1 core segment. She also specializes in post-pregnancy weight-loss and is as adept at helping Hollywood’s top ladies slim down as she is at helping her male clients adds size and strength.

Together Andrea and Ramona bring you ;  MIND BODY BABY, your easy as 3-2-1 steps to living a FITMOM lifestyle.  These two take their combined knowledge to provide you with the simple secrets to success their clients have reaped over the years working with these highly experienced and acclaimed women’s wellness experts. MIND, BODY, BABY is a high energy and transformational session that speaks to core values and simple science that both experts preach to their following. In this workshop you will get the knowledge required to make success simple and achievable showing you anyone can be a FITMOM. All attendees will be entered to win 5 free online coaching sessions with either Andrea or Ramona and some other special offers for those in attendance! Fitmom logo


ERTlogoInfant and child choking prevention and life saving skills - Learn what to do when every second counts

An informative session by Emergency Medical Responder, ERT – Emergency Response Training founder and mom Valerie Wood

Infant and child choking prevention and life saving skills - Learn what to do when every second counts.

Valerie Wood

Emergency Medical Responder

Canadian Red Cross Training Partner and leader in Infant & Child First Aid Training and Prevention

Founder and President of ERT – Emergency Response Training and Emergency Response Teams

Distributor of Emergency Medical Equipment and Public Access AED/Defibrillator Advocate


Valerie’s passion is teaching others what to do when every second counts.  Based on her experience as an Emergency Medical Responder and mother, Valerie delivers the highest quality of instruction and patient care. 

From 20 years of experience travelling throughout Ontario working in the field of First Aid/CPR Instruction, providing Emergency Product Sales and on-site Event Emergency Care, Valerie understands far too well how quickly lives can change.  Fundraising for those victimized by accidents is also close to her heart and a driving force behind ongoing events and prevention.  “Helping You Help Others”


kiddieprooferpictureDavid Drutz

Owner/Operator Kiddie Proofers

David Drutz is the owner/operator of Kiddie Proofers and is passionate about providing parents with peace of mind while helping them keep their children out of harm’s way. A father of three daughters, Drutz believes that child safety should be every parent’s number one priority. But, he realizes that many aren’t aware of the actual risks facing their children. Through Kiddie Proofers’ extensive in-home consultation and installation services, Drutz and his team aim to arm parents with the information, tools, and solutions they need to keep their children free from danger both inside and outside of the home. Drutz is certified with the Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada. With a focus on child safety education, he has made guest appearances on City TV’s City Line, The Life Channel’s Just Ask, Canada AM, and Global’s The Morning Show. 

In addition to the original location in north Toronto, Kiddie Proofers has grown to include two more stores—one in Whitby and one in Markham (opening summer 2013). Kiddie Proofers is a one-stop shop for everything you need to ensure your family’s wellbeing: from baby gates, to cabinet locks, to car seats, to fire prevention gear, to CPR workshops. Kiddie Proofers’ knowledgeable team is always on hand in the store, via Facebook, and on Twitter to provide reliable advice, information, and resources.  

Baby-proofing your home: How to spot danger and prevent accidents

Did you know that the little knob on the end of your doorstop is actually one of the most common choking hazards in the home? Or that the edge of your bathtub faucet is so sharp that an accidental bump to the head could send your child straight to the ER? Every home is filled with little things that can cause serious harm to your child. But once you know what dangers exist, you’ll be better prepared to deal with them and keep your kids safe. Come armed with questions, and join David Drutz as he brings to light all of the dangers hiding in your home, and the simple tools and techniques you’ll need to guard your family against them.


 Baby & Me FitnessBabyandMeFitnessLogo

Friday 3:30 CarrierFit (Postnatal): 

 This class combines our 3 popular CarrierFit classes in one fun and fast paced demo. Strap on your favorite baby carrier and join us a class that combines Cardio, Sculpting, Yoga & Core!! Baby acts as resistance and helps you build strong core muscles, buns of steel and endurance. There is also the extra benefit of an extremely happy baby who gets to stay close to mom all class long! Strong mom + happy baby = perfect harmony!

CarrierFit Fusion – Expect more core and elements of pilates/yoga to go along with this full body toning class.

CarrierFit Dance – Add a little dance in your step to increase the cardio and the fun. Don’t worry, there will still be plenty of toning and core!

CarrierFit Sculpt – Focusing a little more on strength, this class will have you lunging, squatting, pressing, pulling and pushing your way back into shape.

Sunday 4:00 Bootcamp Bellies (Prenatal):

Toned arms, strong back, fit legs and a balanced core are possible even when pregnant. This class uses hand-weights, resistance bands, and cardio to restore your energy level and strengthen your body as it changes throughout pregnancy. Feel strong and revitalized after this intense workout, finish it off with some yoga poses to stretch and sooth the body!


Helping Hands Doula - Kristi Clements

She is the mother of three beautiful children, and a professional Registered Massage Therapy (RMT) Doula for over one decade. Kristi Clements is a seasoned Doula, and the Founder of Helping Hands Doula, Kristi and her team are pleased to offer a unique combination of services.

In 2002 Kristi graduated from the Massage Therapy program at Kikkawa College in Toronto, specializing in Pregnancy Massage as well as other Labour Support Classes. Her specialities include:
RMT as a Labor Support Provider; Hypno-birthing; RMT as an Infant Massage Instructor; Pre and Perinatal Massage Therapy; Infant Massage Therapy; Pregnancy Massage; Labour Support Workshops; and, Pregnancy, Labor and Birth support.

For more information on Kristi's services, her blogs, and resources, visit