Show Location

Metro Toronto Convention Centre  
North Building
255 Front St W 
Toronto, ON  
M5V 2W6

Dates & Times

Fri Nov 11th 2016
10am - 6pm

Sat Nov 12th 2016
10am - 6pm

Sun Nov 13th 2016
10am - 6pm

Fall Admission


Grandparents: $10.00

Children 12 and under are FREE!

Expert Seminar Stage

Nanny Robina

Join Nanny Robina for a chat on how to get your baby to sleep through the night. This talk  is very informative and sprinkled with lots of fun! Listen on how a few small changes to your day time schedule could be the answer to the gift of sleep, or how a little patience and perseverance could have your baby sleeping unassisted!

How to transfer your baby from crib to bed.

Need to know how to soothe? Then come to Nanny Robina's seminar and learn with a few simple techniques.

She's here to teach you how, don’t be defeated!

Well-known as the bubbly parenting expert on hit Canadian TV programs like CityLine, Entertainment Tonight Canada, and Breakthrough with Tony Robbins (NBC) and The Mom Show.  Nanny Robina’s tips and techniques have inspired parents around the world. Originally from the U.K., she has positively impacted the lives of families in the Middle East, the U.S., and in Europe, prior to making Canada her new home in 1999. 

Mourad Sadji, MD, Education Manager  Medela Canada
Breast Pumping 101

Breast Milk Feeding 101

We all know that breast milk is great for babies, but how much do we really know about its value? What makes it so unique?

Let’s get together and talk about the amazing properties of breast milk. Then we can address those situations when breastfeeding may not be possible and how a breast pump and other feeding devices can help bridge the gap, all with the same goal; we want every baby to get Mom’s milk!

We will also cover:

  • The different types of breast pumps, so you can make an informed choice
  • How, where, and for how long you can safely store your expressed milk
  • How to feed expressed milk back to your baby and what to look for when choosing a nipple

Along with this valuable information, there are also great prizes to be won! Make sure to join us at the Expert Seminar stage every day at 11am for your chance to win!

Mourad holds a Doctorate in Medicine from the University of Algiers and speaks English, French, Arabic and Italian. He is currently the Education Manager at Medela Canada where he is responsible for the development, implementation, and delivery of education and product training programs for both internal and external customers of Medela. His content is developed based on the latest evidence and research to improve practices.


Kristi Clements, RMT Doula

Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum-UNCENSORED!!
"All the things you NEED to know that NO ONE tells you"

Join our resident Pregnancy and Birth Expert Kristi Clements, RMT and Doula in this interactive, UNCENSORED discussion of all things Belly, Birth and Baby related. 

Becoming a parent is a journey that comes with many unexpected experiences.  Come have a heart to heart with someone who has heard it ALL.  

  • Why does it feel like my pelvis is going to break apart during pregnancy?
  • What the heck is a mucous plug and why is it so gross?
  • What is the reality of the first couple weeks home with your baby?
  • Breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world.  REALLY?!?!?!
  • And many, many more realities you may experience.

There will also be an open Q and A for all of your other burning questions.  This is definitely a "must attend" seminar!!

Kristi Clements is the Founder and Chief RMT Doula of Helping Hands. With over a decade of experience as a professional Registered Massage Therapy (RMT) Doula and Infant Massage Instructor. Kristi has supported over 300 families during their pregnancy, labour and birth journeys at both hospitals and homes in the Greater Toronto Area.

Kristi studied at Kikkawa College in Massage Therapy, specializing in Pregnancy Massage and other Labour Support programs.  She has since gone on to develop a network of strategic partnerships allowing her to deliver the latest information and techniques to her clientele.

Safe Sleep for infants

Yolanda delivers workshops and presentations addressing SIDS and Safe Sleep for infants. She targets a wide variety of audiences such as; new and expectant mothers, childcare providers, educators such as public health and hospital staff. She has provided training to all Catholic Children's Aid Society staff and foster parents throughout the Toronto district. She has made many television appearances including appearing with the Chief Coroner of Ontario to educate viewers and listeners all about safe sleep.

Yolanda was on the advisory panel with the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario to create Best Practice Guidelines for safe sleep in maternity wards. She will be sharing the highlights of the guidelines in her seminar.

Yolanda has hosted a series of webinars for Health Canada First Nations communities in Ontario; these webinars are used in training front line staff for various reserves and birthing centres.

Yolanda was a panel member for a webinar with the Ontario Children’s Aid Society. The webinar will be used across Ontario for training of staff on the importance of safe sleep.Yolanda has gained the admiration and respect of healthcare professionals across the province and is recognized as an expert in the field of infant safe sleep.