Dates & Times

Fri Nov 11th 2016
10am - 6pm

Sat Nov 12th 2016
10am - 6pm

Sun Nov 13th 2016
10am - 6pm

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Grandparents: $10.00

Children 12 and under are FREE!

The Live & Learn stage takes a hands on approach, so you'll come away feeling knowledgable and confident about each topic. 

Fall 2016 schedule will be updated shortly.  


How to Survive the First 100 Days with a Newborn 
Presented by Elle Lindquist, Canadian Lifestyle Vlogger and Social Media Personality

The first three months after giving birth (commonly referred to as the fourth trimester) is filled with all sorts of emotions, triumphs and challenges. You’re getting to know the intricacies of the newest member of your family while dealing with your own healing and hormonal shifts and swings. Between the 2am feeds, blowouts, and emotional changes, it can get pretty overwhelming! Bringing a sense of humour as well as education, Elle will be sharing her tips and tricks to not only survive the fourth trimester, but thrive during it!

Elle Lindquist is a lifestyle and family vlogger on YouTube with an international subscriber base. She is the mother of two boys, and is most recently known for her massively popular viral video (over 6 million views in just 4 months) of the unmedicated water birth of her second son. Drawing from her experience as a mother, licensed child educator, and certified cosmetologist, Elle educates, inspires, and entertains her audiences. Elle’s YouTube channel includes family vlogging, lifestyle content including health & fitness, the latest in beauty & fashion, and modern home decor ideas. Elle has been featured in such media as, and Connect with Elle at or via her social media channels, Instagram @elle.lindquist, and Twitter @ellelindquist. 

Fall 2016 Location

The 2016 Fall BabyTime Show will be returning to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building